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Sumy Marketing

Business Like Never Before

There are very few marketing consultancy companies for the business-to-business and technology markets. Sumy provides the essential information, in-depth market knowledge and expert interpretation for your marketing planning and overall decision-making. The people at Sumy are unrivalled by other marketing consultancy companies in terms of their product & market knowledge, appreciation of business and marketing issues and exceptional project management and research skills. The scope of our expertise means that Sumy can contribute significantly to the success of your business.
Our purpose is to provide professional, results-focused, marketing direction that cuts through the hype and gets straight down to business - your bottom line. We apply marketing management expertise to your business to create the results you want to see:
Improved profitability
Increased turnover
Enhanced profile
Long-term success
As specialists in the pure elements of marketing, our services are applicable to all industries - retail, manufacturing, service etc.

Virtual Consultancy

Business Like Never Before

We are now able to offer our professional, results-focused, marketing expertise to clients throughout the world thanks to the wonders of the web. The Internet is a global medium, and the provision of information and knowledge is one of the easiest to supply in such a marketplace. Distance is no longer an issue; we are all neighbors now. As part of our infrastructure we have a worldwide network of contacts that can share their regional understanding with us - so that we can always offer the same level of professionalism wherever you may be.